The outdoor baths connected to the guest rooms, which are amply supplied with free-flowing hot spring water directly from the source, are pride of us. The outdoor baths, some hinoki cypress wood and some ceramic, are a perfect fit for the unexpected and they magnificently create a way to spend some quality time. We are a small lodging-type resort inn with a total of 12 rooms. It is because we are such a small inn that we put so much into our hospitality.
Check in: 14:00~ Check out: ~11:00

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Asakusa Station � Nikko Line for 1 hour 40 min � Nikko Station � Bus for 1 hour 15 min
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Yumoto Onsen, Nikko City,
Tochigi Prefecture, 321-1662


In addition to locally produced Tochigi Wagyu beef and Nikko Yuba (tofu skin), we are also particular about the production location of our seafood. We show you our sincerity through our healthy, genuine Japanese cuisine. We work hard with the image in our head of a guest salivating anticipation of our dashi broth that was drawn from pure Nikko water and blends wonderfully with seasonal ingredients.


We have three elaborate styles to choose from: Japanese modern, Western style and ZEN. You can choose based on preference or party size.


Each and every guest room features an attached outdoor bath supplied 100% with free-flowing water from the source! The natural hot spring water is good-quality and has rich efficacy. You can also enjoy the water in the large communal bath.